Anatomia omului

You'll get all of the names associated with the sheep brain, but don't think you'll remember them in one sitting, there's too much for even the über-science nerd.

     Get out your scalpel and remove the skin of your cadaver, because you're going to learn how to dissect a human to see the superficial neck. This anatomy video tutorial will teach you how to cut away the platysma muscle, which is a muscle of facial expression. You can't beat science, and you can't beat looking at the superficial neck of a human corpse.

   In this step of dissecting a human, you'll need to reflect the masseter muscle, which covers most of the infratemporal fossa, the area of discussion. Science is one of out great tools in life, and anatomy of the human body is a close second to finding out about ourselves. So, just sit back and relax, try not to vomit, and watch this video tutorial on scalpelling away to the infratemporal fossa, which is the cavity on the side of the skull bounded laterally by the zygomatic arch and by the ramus of the mandible.

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