Anatomia omului

   Need to check out the posterior abdominal wall of a human being? Well, go no further. This human anatomy video tutorial will show you how to dissect a human for a closer look at the abdominal autonomics, the genital and urinary systems, the diaphragm, and the posterior abdominal wall. You need to get most of the superficial layers out of the way, so get your scalpel out and get cutting. You'll even check out the kidney itself in this educational look at the insides of a corpse.

      To look at the vasculature of the human abdomen, this is the anatomy video tutorial for you. Science doesn't get any sweeter than this. Here, you'll learn how to dissect the human body to get to the gastrointestinal tract and the abdominal organs, removing the liver. Then, you'll learn about the blood supply of a human. You don't know what education is until you watch this.

     In this dissection of a human, you will also learn about the mesenteries and inguinal region of the corpse's anatomy. So, if you're a science buff, or just want to learn more about the human anatomy, then go no further and pull out your scalpels and dissect away.

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