Anatomia omului

In class we explored the insides of a cadaver.. This praticular cadaver was a smoker.. You can see the blackish/grayish lungs and also the red finger tips (caused by nicotine)..

This is a brief explanation of how our sense of hearing works. Starts with sound waves, then explaining the Malleus, Incus, and Stapes. Finally the Cochlea. A nice medical animation. 

BioDigital Systems created this 3D animation to show how a heart attack occurs.

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Cel mai bun fotograf de nunta 

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Однажды твоя жизнь будет оценена не по тому сколько денег ты заработал и сколько у тебя машин. А по тому как ты повлиял на чью-то жизнь...

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