Virusul HIV ataca anumite tipuri de globule albe ( limfocitele T CD4+) care fac parte din sistemul imunitar. Pe masura ce sistemul imunitar incepe sa slabeasca, globulele albe devin incapabile sa opuna rezistenta impotriva bolilor si de a lupta impotriva germenilor. Germenii care in mod normal ar fi rapid neutralizati, raman in organism si se inmultesc.

   Cytokines are small proteins which allow cells of the immune system to communicate with one another via cytokine receptors expressed at the cell surface.

The innate immune system contains a range of cell-bound and soluble proteins which eliminate pathogens by recognizing unique molecular patterns expressed by microorganisms, but not by host cells. Alternatively, host cells express proteins that protect them from attack by the alternative pathway of complement activation whereas foreign organisms lack these protective proteins and are, therefore, susceptible to complement attack.

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