Anatomia omului [65]
Anatomia topografica [30]
Anestezie/Reanimare [17]
Alergologie [10]
Biochimia [38]
Biochimie Clinica [8]
Biofizica [14]
Biologie moleculara [28]
Biostatistica [7]
Boli Infectioase [12]
Boli infectioase la copii [27]
Boli profesionale [1]
Cardiologie [54]
Chimie bioorganică [4]
Chirurgie [65]
Chirurgia OMF [4]
Chirurgia pediatrica [15]
Cultura comunicarii [0]
Kinetoterapie [10]
Dermatologie [34]
Ecologie [2]
Endocrinologie [15]
Epidemiologie [9]
Examen de Stat USMF [18]
Farmacologie [30]
Filosofie si bioetica [19]
Fiziologia umana [41]
Fiziopatologie [37]
Ftiziopneumologie [11]
Gastroenterologie [34]
Genetica umana [39]
Geriatrie [2]
Ginecologie [22]
Igiena generala [29]
Imunologie [9]
Hematologie [31]
Hepatologie [5]
Histologie [18]
Medicina interna- Terapie [61]
Medicina de Familie [23]
Medicina de Laborator [1]
Medicina Militara [3]
Medicina legala [6]
Medicina sociala [2]
Microbiologie [14]
Morfopatologie [40]
Nefrologie [28]
Neurologie [25]
Neonatologie [16]
Nursing [7]
Obstetrica [28]
Oftalmologie [11]
ORL [11]
Oncologie [9]
Parazitologie [29]
Pediatrie si Puericultura [156]
Pneumologie [37]
Psihiatrie [56]
Psihologie [24]
Radiologie si Imagistica [38]
Reumatologie [33]
Sexologie [1]
Stomatologie [33]
Traumatologia si ortopedia [24]
Urgențe medicale [32]
Urologie [24]

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Medicina interna- Terapie

Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis, 4th ed (Thieme 2003)


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Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis
4 th edition, revised and expanded
Tony R. Bull, FRCS
Honorary Consultant Surgeon
Royal National Throat Nose and Ear
London, UK
Honorary Senior Lecturer to the Institute
of Laryngology and Otology
London, UK
Honorary Consultant Surgeon
Charing Cross Hospital
London, UK
Consultant Surgeon
King Edward VII Hospital for Officers
London, UK
569 illustrations


A further 8 years have passed since the previous publication of Color Atlas
of ENT Diagnosis, and developments in this specialty call for an updated
and revised edition. The format of this book remains a pictorial survey of
ear, nose, and throat conditions, combined with a succinct text that aims
to be of practical help in diagnosis. It is not an illustrated textbook, and
further  reference  is required for  more information  on the  conditions
presented. This atlas will, I hope, continue to stimulate the interest of
medical  students  in  the  specialty  and  also  provide  useful,  practical
information to ENT trainees and those in general practice and casualty
where ENT conditions so commonly present. It will also be of relevance
and help to those in allied specialties.
T R Bull, FRCS, London

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