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Eggs of Toxocara canis. These eggs are passed in dog feces, especially puppies' feces. Humans do not produce or excrete eggs, and, therefore, eggs are not a diagnostic finding in human toxocariasis. The egg to the left is fertilized but not yet embryonated, while the egg to the right contains a well-developed larva. The latter egg would be infective if ingested by a human (frequently, a child).

Fundal photograph showing a large central granuloma and traction on the retinal vessels.

Another fundus with a large white granuloma at the posterior pole.

Toxocara canis. Fundus damage from larval invasion.

Hystology shows a granuloma in the posterior pole of an eye. Higer power demonstrates the encysted nematode.

Toxocariasis (visceral larva migrans) with Toxocara canis larvae on liver biopsy.

Liver biopsy showing granuloma with numerous eoziniphils. Remains of the nematode can sometimes be detected in the centre of the granuloma.

Toxocara canis.
Necrotizing eosinophilic granulomatous inflammation secondary to visceral larva migrans (Toxocara canis). Note palisading at the periphery of the lesion. The central necrotic portion has an abundance of eosinophils and many scattered crystalline structures. The surrounding inflammatory response is also rich in eosinophils. No parasite is identified, but the patient was found to have visceral larva migrans.

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