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Micro Implants in Orthodontics By A. Korrodi Ritto, DDS, PhD


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Micro Implants in Orthodontics
By A. Korrodi Ritto, DDS, PhD
Several temporary osseous anchor systems have been
introduced into the market as orthodontic anchorage
during recent years.
Implant orthodontics is in rapid expansion and developing
in eastern Asian countries and will become an indispensable
modality in modern orthodontic therapy within
the next ten years.
Success or failure of the traditional edgewise treatment
depends on careful consideration to anchorage for tooth
movement. The use of implant anchorage simplifies orthodontic
treatment by sparing us the need for patient compliance
and the complexity of treatment.
Among different type of anchor implants, the bone
screws seemed to be more popular and widely accepted by
orthodontists, because they offer several advantages over
the other systems: smaller fixture, easier surgical procedures
and less trauma, lower cost and risk, more clinical indications
and more implant sites. Among the problems we can
describe are loosening, break and failure rate.
Following are photos highlighting many solutions for
orthodontic purposes with mini implants.
1—Mesialization of lower molars (fig 1-8)
2—Canine retraction (fig 9-11)
3—Upper incisor retraction (fig 12-16)
4—Lower Incisor intrusion (fig 17-18)
5—Upper molar intrusion (fig 19-20)
6—Close the bite (fig 21)
7—Premolar retraction (fig. 22- 27)
8—Upper molar mesialization (fig 28-31)
In this article we describe many solutions for orthodontic







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