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Pitt Ford’s Problem-Based Learning in Endodontology


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The discipline of Endodontics encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of human dental pulp
and periapical tissues in both health and disease. The principle aim of Endodontics is to preserve
the natural dentition and provide function, comfort and esthetics. Many advances have
been made in the fi eld of Endodontics within the last few years. Successful root canal treatment
relies upon elimination of microorganisms present in the root canal systems, prevention
of recontamination after treatment and restoration of these teeth to function. The subject of
Endodontology is often viewed as both a science and an art. The science of Endodontics deals
with biological and pathological conditions of pulp and periapical tissues, while the art of Endodontics
covers technical procedures performed during root canal treatment. However, perhaps
the real art is establishing a connection between the information gathered at examination and
integrating this with the dentist’s knowledge, experience and technical skill. The problem-based
learning approach employed in this book is an innovative way in which to connect the science
and art of Endodontics using the best clinical evidence.
This book contains information regarding diagnosis and treatment planning for a range of pulp
and periapical conditions, as well as technical advice regarding access preparations, cleaning
and shaping, obturation and temporization and restoration. The distinctive features of this book
are: each chapter lists specifi c objectives, provides the patient’s chief complaint, medical and
dental histories, clinical examination details, diagnosis and treatment planning. It then gives a
scientifi c description of the condition, its treatment, relevant references and asks pertinent questions
relating to the condition.
Professor Tom Pitt Ford was a master of simplifying complex problems. What he had in mind when
he discussed the format of this book to its current editors was to be interactive with the reader
and keep his or her focus on a specifi c problem and issue. I really think they have delivered what
Tom invisaged. In other words, this book teaches pre-doctoral students and new practitioners
why, when and how to perform root canal treatment. This unique approach provides the reader
with the necessary information to perform root canal treatment and gives them an opportunity to
understand the technical aspects of Endodontics and the science underpinning them.

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